Cash Bandits Museum Heist Slots

The bandits have something else up their sleeve, targeting a museum this time around. Welcome to the Cash Bandits Museum Heist slot, where there are plenty of notable features to spot. If you're hoping the Vault bonus is going to return though, it won't. There's something else to spot instead.

Reels and paylines for the game

This is a five-reel game that offers you 25 lines to play on.

Is it a pricey slot?

You can get underway from a quarter on each spin, meaning it qualifies as a penny slot game. There are other options too though, with $125 per spin the best you can get.

The bandits are in action as the wilds

Yes, they each behave like wild symbols, with both substituting for everything else. That's cool to see.

Bonus features to try and find during the game

Cash Bandits Museum Heist gives the bandits some power - namely that when they appear, there is a random chance they might change into a morphing wild. What's that? Simply a 3 x 3 wild rather than a standard 1 x 1 wild.

Better yet, finding the game logo three times will award you five free spins. Getting four or five will produce seven or nine games instead. Before you play, the game reveals some masterpieces. You get picks according to how many triggering logos you got. Each pick gives you a booster for your spins, from wild reels to multipliers. Giant icons can also turn up, which are our favorites to see.

Does Cash Bandits Museum Heist live up to the other games in the series?

Were you keeping count? If so, you'll know this is the fourth title so far. It's different to the others thanks to the removal of the Vault bonus. However, the new bonus is good enough to play with those boosters, and it's cool to see something different. You also have the chance of random morphing wilds to perk things up a bit. If you've yet to play, try the practice option before you pay to play it, just to give you a sense of what to expect.