Cash Vegas Slots

The lights and sounds of a Las Vegas casino floor can have a magnetic effect on us. The pull to sit in front of the flashing lights of a slot machine bring individuals from all over the world to Sin City. Twinoplay has found a way to bring Vegas jackpot vibes into the palm of your hand.

Simple game rules and fast Vegas-sized jackpots bring the feel of the casino directly to you. There are no complicated combinations to learn allowing gameplay to move quickly. High player return is quite appealing as well. There is no need to travel to Las Vegas if you have Cash Vegas Slots to play. This gambling game moves fast and is easy to play.

Quick Hits with Big Rewards

Vegas size rewards come quickly with this fast-moving scratch game. Vegas Cash brings the thrill of Sin City right to where you are. With up to four tickets allowed per round, a larger max bet is accomplished. Bets start at $0.20 and go up from there, with a max bet of $20 at one single time. If multiple cards are played you can win more than once. This scratch-off game offers simple gameplay with generous pay-outs.

When the game starts, you will select your ticket and then place your bets. The tickets will be revealed followed by six different boxes. If you have played multiples, simply click on each one. Then you can uncover each ticket individually. Clicking on the ticket will uncover six boxes, and each box holds a symbol. The symbols are fun and relate to the Vegas atmosphere. Diamonds, poker chips, and dice are just a few of the symbols you will see. The game logo can be found there as well. The symbol icons do not represent a particular prize, as is the case with most scratch-off games.

Three of a Kind for the Win

Vegas Cash is an instant win game. Since the casino symbols do not represent prizes, you simply have to match three of a kind. Any three matching symbols in a group wins. Available prizes are listed at the bottom of each individual ticket. Playing multiple cards allows you to win more than once. Prizes vary and are reflected in the final pay out.

Large casino size winnings are a real possibility with up to 1,000 times the ticket cost as a jackpot win. The smallest prize will reflect the bet size for that individual ticket. There is a button that allows you to reveal all symbols at once and Turbo Mode that removes unwanted animations. Both will speed up your game play significantly. Speed through up to 1,000 hands by utilizing the auto button feature.

If you are looking for double and triple plays, progressives etc., this is not the game for you. Vegas Cash is not home to bonus play or any extra ways to win. The fast paced, quick hit is what is most appealing about this game. The big prize is designed to be won in a quick hit scenario. The quick shot chance that you might win is powerful. That's Vegas! If you are looking for bonus play and a full list of special features, then this is probably not the gambling game for you.

Quick play, big money, and easy functions are a perfect option for a fantastic casino experience. Large paying rewards appear in a matter of seconds bringing the Vegas feel instantly to you. and everyone loves that! Cash Vegas Slots brings you the slot machine experience and the big cash win.